Help reconnect with your inner self and find clarity and purpose in your life

Feeling like you’re on autopilot? Soul coaching can help you

With my guidance, clients often experience breakthroughs and noticeable progress each one-hour session.

Do you sometimes feel like a disheartened nomad, wandering meaninglessly through your days in a mundane fog? It’s almost like you are on autopilot, robotically functioning and not making choices consciously.

Losing connection with your core spiritual self can lead to confusion, stress and a loss of purpose. If you are looking for the path back to authenticity, soul coaching with me may help you to live your life to the full, alive and kicking.


Understand your life purpose and make informed decisions.


Release emotional and spiritual blocks to enhance your well-being.


Gain confidence and tools to navigate life’s challenges.

Energy Boost

Improve your energy levels and overcome fear.

Emotional Nourishment

Nourish your emotional and mental well-being.

Physical Health

Boost your physical health for overall wellness.

Experience Holistic Power of Elemental Soul Coaching

With a warm heart and an innovative approach, I am dedicated to helping you find your true path. As a certified hypnotherapist, psychic reader, healer, and mentor, I use a blend of modern counselling and ancient healing techniques to guide you towards clarity and fulfillment.

Being bogged down with duties, obligations, physical clutter, and mundane responsibilities often stems from false beliefs about our destiny. Together, we can ‘unlearn’ these limiting thoughts. By connecting with your higher self, you’ll discover how to fully achieve what your soul is meant for in this lifetime. Embracing this journey requires an open mind and heart, a willingness to change, and a commitment to being completely honest and vulnerable.

About Me

My Soul Coaching Services

Sessions are designed to help you reconnect with your inner self and find clarity and purpose in your life.

1:1 Soul Coaching

To address your unique needs and goals.

  • Tailored guidance specific to your personal challenges
  • Flexible scheduling to fit your lifestyle
  • Deep, focused work on your personal growth
  • Confidential and supportive environment

Group Sessions

Collaborative sessions for shared experiences and mutual support.

  • Build connections with like-minded individuals
  • Share and learn from each other's journeys
  • Collective energy that enhances healing
  • Encouragement and support from the group


Interactive workshops focused on specific areas of personal development.

  • Hands-on activities and practical exercises
  • Focus on key topics like stress management, self-love, and goal setting
  • Opportunity to dive deep into particular areas of interest
  • Access to additional resources and tools for personal growth

Water signifies the flow of emotions and the importance of emotional clarity.

  • Clearing Emotional Blocks: Release pent-up emotions and heal past emotional wounds.
  • Emotional Balance: Cultivate a balanced and harmonious emotional state.
  • Inner Peace: Find calm and serenity by addressing emotional turmoil.

Fire embodies passion, transformation, and spiritual enlightenment.

  • Igniting Passion: Reconnect with your passions and what truly excites you.
  • Spiritual Growth: Experience a deeper connection to your higher self.
  • Empowerment: Transform negative energies into positive forces for change.

Earth represents stability, grounding, and physical well-being.

  • Body Awareness: Enhance your connection to your physical body and its needs.
  • Stability: Develop a strong foundation for personal growth.
  • Healing Practices: Incorporate physical activities and practices that promote overall health.

Air symbolizes intellect, communication, and mental clarity.

  • Clearing Mental Blocks: Address limiting beliefs and negative thought patterns.
  • Mindfulness: Practice being present and fully aware of your thoughts.
  • Focus and Direction: Gain clarity and direction in your personal and professional life.

Hear from Past People

Hear from those who have transformed their lives through Andrea’s Soul Coaching

Tharshini Nirmalarajah
29 May 2024
I did my reiki 1,2 & level 3 masters with Andrea many years ago. I absolutely loved the way she taught. Beautiful, friendly, generous and warm. She makes learning easy and comfortable. Felt very supported at each stage of my studies. Thank you Andrea.
Markeeta Alamaras
13 May 2024
I had a Reiki session with Andrea, I felt rejuvenated and refreshed afterwards and the pain that I had in the bottom of my foot disappeared and hasn't come back. I also attended Andrea's Psychic development course where I learnt a lot of new skills and found some hidden talents I didn't know I had. I highly recommend Andrea, she is an amazing healer and a very kind and patient teacher.
Charlie Smith
8 May 2024
I loved my sessions with Andrea. Her nature is so considerate and patient. She has a welcoming, non-judgemental approach that gradually led me to understand my anxiety and get out of the rutt I was in. I loved the mindfulness and NLP, which calmed me and helped me visualise a better outcome. Andrea also gave me the tools I needed to incorporate into my day to day anxiety management. Feeling so much more confident and at ease.
Nick Garside
12 April 2024
Amazing lady, I’ve done a few therapies with her for a few issues and had lots of success. A great councillor as well, helping me though a lifetime of traumas.
Lisa Douglas
30 March 2024
I recently had counselling sessions with Andrea, and I couldn't be happier with the experience. Andrea was understanding, compassionate, and skilled at helping me navigate through some challenging times in my life in a safe and trusting environment. Her Reiki and tapping sessions were amazing with after just one session I felt an incredible sense of peace and relaxation wash over me feeling more balanced and lighter. If you're looking for a holistic approach to healing and relaxation, I highly recommend giving Reiki a try with Andrea.
Chantal Cain
25 March 2024
Andrea’s reiki courses are incredible ! She is very good at her craft and an amazing teacher, healer and therapist. I’ve also had readings in the past and blown away by her accuracy and she is also very empathetic in her delivery.
Kim Davis
7 February 2024
Andrea is a very talented healer. Her Reiki is like a powerful force like a high pressure hose that blows out blocks. I cannot recommend it enough! She was really helpful in a variety of ways. How great is it to have bodywork coupled with divine inspiration and wisdom coming at the same time! Andrea was able to deliver truth in a compassionate way with thoughtful and much needed counselling. I found her bodywork to be considerably powerful during the session and later ,where difficulties I had been tackling for a really long time stated to move. Words cannot express my gratitude for Andrea’s genuine support and kindness. I highly recommend Andrea’s healing and guidance.
Donna Horton
21 January 2024
I had a reading back in October. lm blown away as to how accurate Andrea was including her dates. I also had a Reiki session and this helped me so much. I would definitely recommend Andrea to those needed insight.
Bailey Ruby
13 December 2023
I just want to say thank you for helping me heal. Helping me understand myself better. I have done readings, pet readings, reiki and mini reading by Andrea. I know one thing her Reiki helped me so much.. I hope I don't jinx it by saying it.. but I have never been this positive and this happy in my life.. thank you.. I never had an attitude about go with the flow.. but I am more calm relaxed and I actually love life.. its not perfect but it's how you view it.. so it's imperfectly perfect.. thank you
Henri Le Maire
6 November 2023
Andrea was spot on in many areas of my life including my living loved ones and the ones that have past. I highly recommend her and I will go again!

Listen to your soul speak and get on the right life path

I guide you to reconnect with your unwavering wholeness to the blueprint of their unique soul contract regardless of challenges.

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    Common Questions About Soul Coaching

    Soul Coaching is a holistic approach to help you align your inner and outer worlds, providing clarity and purpose in your life.

    Sessions can be conducted in-person, over the phone, or online, depending on your preference.

    The number of sessions varies based on individual needs, but a typical program may include 4 to 6 sessions.

    Come with an open mind and heart, ready to explore and receive insights. It’s helpful to have specific questions or areas of focus.

    Yes, all sessions are completely confidential. Your privacy is of utmost importance

    Come with an open mind and comfortable clothing.