Andrea Fortunes Code of Ethics and Practice


As a dedicated practitioner, I hold a duty of care and a responsibility to ensure clients are accurately informed about my competence, experience, and qualifications. Misleading clients is a serious ethical breach that can harm the client and damage the profession’s credibility.

I am committed to safeguarding all client records, ensuring they remain secure and confidential.

I take full responsibility for clinical and therapeutic decisions made in my work with clients.

I also have responsibilities to associated parties involved in the client’s care, including relatives, friends, employers, other professionals, and community representatives. The same ethical standards that apply to clients also extend to these associated parties.

While the counsellor-client relationship is paramount, I recognize the need to consider other ethical responsibilities within the broader social context.


Confidentiality is essential for providing clients with safety and privacy, which in turn protects their autonomy. Any limitations on confidentiality must be carefully considered as they can affect the effectiveness of counselling.

The counselling contract will outline the agreed level and limits of confidentiality. This agreement is subject to change through mutual negotiation and remains in effect after the client’s death unless overridden by legal or ethical considerations. If a client’s safety is at risk, confidentiality agreements that interfere with safety are voided.

Confidentiality extends to all client records, which must be securely maintained in both hard copy and digital formats.


I ensure clients are fully informed of any limitations to confidentiality that may arise in specific settings, such as updates to doctors or team case discussions in agencies. These limitations are made explicit through clear contracting.

Some settings may impose specific limitations on confidentiality. Practitioners must consider the impact of such limitations on their practice and decide accordingly.

Exceptional Circumstances

There may be exceptional circumstances where I believe serious harm could occur to the client or others. In such cases, I will seek the client’s consent to modify confidentiality agreements, unless the client is unable or unwilling to take responsibility for their actions. Normally, the decision to break confidentiality is discussed with the client and made after consulting with a counselling supervisor or an experienced counsellor.

Any disclosure of confidential information is limited to relevant details, shared only with appropriate individuals, and for reasons likely to alleviate the exceptional circumstances. Balancing the best interests of the client with legal responsibilities and community welfare is crucial.

Record Keeping

Record keeping is a vital part of ethical practice. I maintain detailed case notes to validate clinical treatments and protect client information, adhering to unique legislation for different settings, such as schools and community centres. Accurate records are essential for validating the therapeutic process and ensuring continuity of care.

Contact Information

For any questions or to book a consultation, please contact:

Andrea Fortune

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Phone: 0424 594 073